Veterans Sportsman’s Association Mission Statement

The Veteran Sportsman’s Associations’ (VSA) mission is to honor Northern California’s
Veterans, active duty military, and their families with quality happy and healthy outdoor
related activities in an effort to combat today’s alarmingly high rate of suicide,
depression, divorce, and substance abuse.

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At the VSA we are composed of Veterans and Civilians alike who take pride in honoring our local Northern California Veterans from all eras for all the sacrifices that they have made for our beloved country to keep it safe during both times or conflict and times of peace. Click on the options below to see how you can GET INVOLVED!


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How to Get Involved


Are you a Veteran that would like to experience the great outdoors?  Contact us with your information and we will contact you as events are scheduled.

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Upcoming Events



April 27th-28th: Annual Veterans sportsman’s weekend in Likely CA


June 1st: 4th Annual VA Home of Redding Fishing Tournament (for residents of the home only.)


June 23rd: Lake Almanor Veterans Fishing Day


Ongoing Events:


*Looking for a Veteran and Family member to sponsor through Hunter Safety course


*Looking for Veterans who would want to go on a free fishing day with their family on local lakes with experienced guides




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ABOUT Veterans Sportsman’s Association

We are a highly motivated 501c3 Non-profit organization with 100% of its members being non-paid Volunteers. This means we take absolutely all of the funds generated through fundraising and donations and apply them to assisting our local Veterans/Active duty military and their families in experiencing quality, happy and healthy outdoor activities within Northern California.

Matthew Layman-Leary


USMC 1/7 Wpns Co 0331 CAAT Blue 2002-2006